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Covid Richtlinien Selflove Workshop Tulum

Der Workshop findet im Ausland statt, daher sind die Covid Regeln im Folgenden auf Englisch aufgeführt. Ein Antigen oder PCR Test ist zur Teilnahme am Workshop verpflichtend.

Increased Cleaning

  • All workshop area work surfaces, toilet and kitchen surfaces are disinfected regularly.

Social Distancing

  • We limit the number of participants at each session to allow for social distancing. Maximum 10 people.
  • Workshop leaders will keep their distance from participants unless both are happy for them to move closer. If this happens, being side to side is better than face to face and face masks must be worn. Closer contact should be for less than 15 mins.

Hand Washing 

  • We ask all attendees to wash or sanitise their hands as they arrive – before touching anything.
  • Everyone using the toilets should wash their hands beforehand as well as afterwards.
  • If possible, we will provide each person with their own tools and materials. When sharing is necessary, everyone will be asked to wash or sanitise their hands before touching shared items.
  • We will provide hand sanitiser for convenience – hand washing is even better and there’s plenty of soap and water!

Face Masks

  • You will need a face mask to walk through the workshop area and while moving around at the workshop. If you are at least 2 metres away from other people you may choose to remove your face covering.  We have face masks and face visors available for sale. You should wear a face covering when you are close to people who are not already in regular contact with.
  • Workshop leaders will have masks.

Track & Trace

  • We have details for all workshop participants


  • We open doors and / or windows to increase ventilation when it is not too cold to do so
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